Top 10 Fall Pieces EVERY Man Needs In His Wardrobe

Posted on Oct 28,2018 in Style

If you’re into style, then you know the fall and winter seasons are when you really flex your style muscles! Not only that, but the holiday season is around the corner and it’s just the best time of the year. All in all, you need to have your closet fit and ready for this coming season, and that’s where I come in. Here are the top 10 fall pieces every man needs in his wardrobe.

1.The Hoodie

This is just one of those common-sense clothing items. Every man needs a good fitting hoodie in their closet. The great thing about hoodies is that you just throw them on and they require minimal effort to showcase. They’re just an essential to every man’s fall and winter outfits. Speaking of essentials, our brand ESNTLS is dropping our new and improved line that will drop on November 24th, mark the date on your calendar. Our hoodies are the best ever created!

2.Over Shirts

These are simply shirts you wear over your basic t shirts. It’s pretty simple, they take the place of wearing a jacket. These are thicker than a typical button down, but thinner than a jacket, so they’re perfect for the fall season. This way you can add to your style sensibility by adding another layer, without suffering from a heat stroke.


This is another no brainer item. Boots are super versatile and can be worn with a lot of different outfit options. Boots also give you an extra 1 to 2 inches of height, which is a huge plus! So, if you want to be stylish and be that 6’ 2” stud women love, go get yourself a pair of boots.

4.Chunky, Leather Sneakers

The chunky sneaker look is in right now, preferably a leather chunky sneaker. These shoes will just elevate your outfit and will protect your feet from all of the rain and snow that the fall and winter seasons have. The chunkiness of the shoe will keep your feet warm, and the leather will keep them dry. It’s a win, win scenario. Go get yourself a pair of this style shoe if you haven’t already. A good option is the Air Max 97. But your probably worried that the new seasons coming up all of your money is going to disappear due to all of the new clothes you’re going to have to buy, well you’re wrong. Our sponsor, Bombfell, will give you your own personal stylist online and they’ll help you build your closet for these coming seasons, at the most affordable price.

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5.A Cable Knit Sweater

If you have a good fitting, cable knit sweater, women will be all over you. First of all, its cuffing season. Secondly, when women see you wearing a sweater like this all they see is a hunk of a teddy bear that they want to cuddle. It’s effortless. These sweaters are crucial to your closet and should be in your closet. They add a next dimension to your closet that will just make you a stud.

6.The Wind Breaker

The wind breaker is in right now, not to mention it is the perfect middle ground for combining an 80’s look and a modern look together, with a stylish twist. These jackets are lightweight, and will keep you warm most of all. They are perfect for the fall season due to the increased wind chills that occur. Wind breakers are just super stylish, go pick one up.

7. A Heavy Wool Suit

If you wear suits, or like wearing suits, then you need at least one winter suit that will keep you warm during the winter season. The material commonly used to do this is wool. These suits tend to look super sexy, and will elevate your outfit to the max. They will make you stand out and look like a million bucks, that’s a fact!

8.The Flannel

This is an essential. Everyone knows this by now. You need a flannel in your closet. Flannels will turn a boring outfit, into a sexy, stylish outfit. The colors and styles that flannels have, will make you that stud that women will gravitate towards. Odds are you already own a few of these, but make sure they are good quality and make you look as good as possible.

9.The Turtle Neck Sweater

This clothing item just screams sophistication. If you throw on one of these, your IQ immediately shoots up 20 points and you’ll look sexy as hell. Turtle neck sweater are perfect for keeping you warm in any season, and if you throw a suit jacket over one of these, you’re going to be a walking chick magnet.

10.Dark, Untorn Denim Jeans

Torn denim is cool, but not during the chilly seasons. You don’t need the cold winds making you freezing cold anyways. So, close the rips and holes up and keep your pants untorn. Dark denim is the way to go during this coming season, it looks amazing will every outfit combination. Not to mention, dark denim will make you look like a sophisticated, dapper man.