Top 5 EDC Accessories Every Man Should Carry

Posted on Oct 02,2017 in Style

There are certain things that every guy should carry and I’m going to show you the 5 essentials that should be part of your EDC.

A Good Watch


Keep in mind that everything you carry should be functional and serve a purpose, otherwise it’s just bulk. Having a good watch sends the message that you’re punctual and that you take time very seriously.  It’s also much faster than trying to pull out your phone and let’s face it, a watch is just a must-have.

A Good Wallet


carl-friedrik-shop-walletsThis is definitely a must! Make sure that it is not a slim, flimsy, or low-quality wallet. Go with leather because it tends to age nicely and looks great. It has to be a thin wallet so that it doesn’t add bulk to your style.

Make sure to check out Carl Friedrik; all of their stuff is handcrafted in Italy and designed in London. The wallets are made with very high-quality leather, after using one of these wallets, all the wallets you previously used will look subpar. If you buy one and you hold it in your hand, it will look and feel like one of the highest quality leathers you’ll ever experience. I personally recommend the Swanfield and the Hatton. Everything that you buy from Carl Fredrik’s can be personalized to add a personal touch to your wallet.

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How many times have you used your phone as a flashlight to look for something or light the way when you’re in the dark? One of the essentials that every man should carry is a flashlight. Make sure it’s small and compact so that you can carry it with you. Carrying a flashlight will save your phone battery and it will be ten times brighter so it will also be more efficient.



A nice thing about this is that you have a wide range selection. There is a pen for when you need to be a little more dapper and one for when you need to be more casual. This will make you seem like you are the type of guy who is prepared for anything that comes your way…like maybe writing down a girl’s number.



This is definitely a must-have for your EDC. It’s very efficient and very useful. You can use it for quick little fixes or just everyday things that can come up in your daily life. There are a variety of styles and sizes that you can choose from. Usually, what you want to look for are pliers, tweezers, some sort of cutting tools, and a screwdriver.