Top 5 Outfits Every Man Must Own

Posted on Jan 05,2019 in Style

Every guy should have a few go-to outfits in their closet. In today’s article, I am going to share with you specific outfits that are essential and are must have outfits! We are currently within the fall and winter seasons, which means you are going to need to stay warm. These outfits are going to ensure you are suited for the harsh weather, but also look amazing! So, here are the top 5 outfits every man must own for the fall & winter seasons.

1.The Sherpa Look

You guys know how much I love a quality Sherpa jacket. When you incorporate Sherpa within an outfit, you immediately look like a boss! For this outfit, I chose to wear a tan turtle neck shirt, a black Sherpa jacket, some well-fitting chinos, and Balenciaga runners. You don’t have to spend $600+ on some Balenciaga’s to fulfill this outfit, any running styled shoe will work with this outfit. I love how the outfit includes both a casual and active look to it. This outfit is perfect for the guy who is always on the go, but wants to look like he means business. Also, I chose to incorporate a beanie within this outfit. I actually got the beanie in my monthly subscription Sprezzabox.

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2.The Comfy Uniform

This outfit has been my go-to recently. It has to be the comfiest outfit on this list, and I personally love this look. It is comfortable, stylish, makes you look fashion sensible, and it’s also one of the most casual. This outfit consists of a hoodie, a pair of jeans, and a pair of Yeezy’s. This outfit just makes me want to go to work, due to the fact that I am super comfortable! Ladies like the comfy look on guys, so this an outfit combination you should consider. The yeezys are just an additional add on that I like to use, you can use any clean athletic sneakers.

3.The Commuter Look

This look is specifically made for the dressy commuter. This outfit consists of a pair of dress shoes, a pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, and a zipped down sweater. If the temperatures are very cold, you can also throw on a contrasting parka jacket. This look has a lot of life to it. The colors are bold and it just looks amazing. Plus, you look business ready and will be noticed for the amazing effort you put into constructing this outfit. It is definitely one of my favorites.

4.The All Black Look

This look is one of those looks that you need to wear throughout the colder seasons. Wearing all black makes you look sophisticated, smart, and fashionable. For this look, I chose to wear black Chelsea boots, black jeans, a black turtleneck undershirt, and a dark denim jacket. The denim jacket adds a contrast to the whole look, while adding to its overall aesthetic. For the colder seasons, wearing all black is just something you need to do. Black is back guys, and it will truly make you look amazing!

5.The Light Look

This look is when you are trying to flex your manliness and stylish attributes at the same time. I personally love this look. I wore a light pink hoodie, some blue jeans, and a pair of Timberlands. The chunky boots just make you look manly and give you that lumberjack quality that women love. The hoodie and the jean combination make you comfortable and stylish. These three items together are one of the best combinations you could put on. You will be the most stylish guy in the room wearing this fit!