Top 5 Shoes You Need For Fall/Winter

Posted on Oct 13,2017 in Style

The temperatures are finally dropping and it’s time to bring out all of your fall gear. Now, of course, you are going to need the proper foot gear to not only to look good but also be functional and warm during the fall and winter seasons. Here are 5 shoes you need for fall/winter.

Chelsea Boot

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The Chelsea boot is a shoe that whatever age group you are in (whether you are super young or older) this shoe will work with any style. A good thing to keep in mind is to avoid leather soles during the winter months. Leather soles do not have much traction so make sure they have a rubberized sole.

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As you guys know, when it comes to boots, there is always one pair of boots that I always wear and those are Thursday Boots. Thursday boots are great because they come with weather-safe suede and EDA comfort strip which means that you will remain comfortable and dry all day. With Thursday boots you will get amazing comfort and wear time for the amazing price.

Adidas Ultra Boots


This shoe is perfect for someone who wants something a little more casual. As you guys know the Ultra boots are very popular and the nice thing is that Adidas just dropped an all-terrain model. This model comes with everything that the original came with but with a more aggressive sole that will help you have more traction during the fall and winter months.


Chukka Boot

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This is boot is another must for fall and winter. This is a style that can be worn year round which means you will get great use out of your boots. These boots come with a full leather interior and also come with weather-safe suede, which means you will be dry, comfortable, and warm throughout the winter months.

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Vans Skate High MTE

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Vans has revamped their timeless design. The designs now include water-resistant leather uppers, warm textile lining, and a heat retention layer within the lining.

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Wingtip boots

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Just because the temperatures have started to drop does not mean you are going to stop wearing your classy outfits. Usually, the best alternative for fall and winter suiting is to go with the wingtip boot. You get the classic wingtip design but it has been redesigned with a high top to give you more warmth, comfort, and support for the fall and winter season.  When it comes to more dapper looks make sure you avoid the rubber soles because you want a sleek and classic look.

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