Top 7 Fall & Winter Shoes Every Guy Needs To Own

Posted on Dec 16,2018 in Style

During the Fall & Winter seasons, the weather tends to get super gross out. Whether it is snowing or raining, you are going to need proper footwear. You need footwear that will not only protect your feet and be comfortable, but also keep your feet dry! Here are the top 7 Fall & Winter Shoes that every guy needs to own.

1.The White Leather Sneaker

This is one of the most versatile sneakers in this list. It can be worn with literally everything. Not only is this sneaker super fashionable, but it also has functionality. Leather sneakers will keep your feet warm from harsh weather and they will also keep them dry. These are one of my favorite styles of shoes and I highly recommend you get a pair.

2.The Chelsea Boot

These are one of those boots that have made a huge impact on the fashion world. I personally love Chelsea Boots because you can wear them with almost anything and it will look good. Our sponsor, New Republic, makes some of the best Chelsea Boots on the market. They are affordable, yet have designer like quality. New Republic is one of my go-to’s for shoes, whether it’s an all leather sneaker or a Chelsea Boot. Go check them out and use the code “TMF15” for 15% off!

3.The Hiking Boot

Chunkier styled shoes are in right now. Hiking Boots give you that military feel, while also creating an amazing fashion statement. I love to rock my hiking boots with jeans or pants, it really gives you a manly look. Women love a manly guy, just saying. If you wear these right, women will notice and you will get that much closer to getting the girl of your dreams. Also, these boots are super comfortable, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a pair.

4.The Beater Shoe

This shoe can be any style, but it’s going to fulfill the role of your beater shoe. This simply means you are going to beat it down to the ground. Pick a shoe that is stylish, but inexpensive. These will be your go-to shoes when you know you are going to be in messy circumstances. I like to use classic leather vans for my beaters.

5.The Chukka Boot

The beauty about this boot is that is super casual, and very stylish. Not to mention, these boots are super comfortable and you can literally walk all day in these. They look different from the Chelsea boot; however, their unique design makes them that much more stylish. Invest in yourself and pick up a pair of these boots. New Republic has these as well! Go check them out right now.

6.The Timberland Boot

This boot is an iconic boot. The chunkiness of the boot gives you that lumberjack, manly look. Also, these boots will give you several inches on your height. They are a go-to boot for the shorter guys out there who want an instant 4” on their height. But they are also a go-to for the guys who want to increase their style. This boot is a historical artifact that is simply an essential boot to have.

7.The All-Terrain Sneaker

Let’s say you don’t want to where boots, and instead you want to wear a sneaker. Nike, Adidas, and Vans all sell “All Terrain” sneakers that will keep your feet warm and protected. My favorite “All Terrain” shoe is actually the All Leather Skate High’s by Vans. They have a special place in my heart and I just love them. Not to mention they are super stylish.