TOP 7 Sneakers ALL Men Should Buy To Look Cool

Posted on Sep 18,2018 in Style

Listen up, you guys are already pretty smart when it comes to trends and what’s in. However, you might have an outfit where everything looks amazing and coordinated, except for the shoes. What’s in right now are classic silhouette sneakers. Basically, you need to be that trend setter that everyone then followers after. I’m sure you don’t want to change your wardrobe and aesthetic completely, so here are seven retro inspired sneakers that will give you an amazing stylish look, while sending a huge fashion statement for everyone to see.

1.Converse Chuck Taylor

This is probably going to be the oldest throwback on this list, however, these sneakers are one of the most versatile, trendy sneakers on the market. They have been around for over a century, but are still very much a fashion statement. Converse sneakers are also very, very affordable, but if you are looking to spend a few extra dollars, they have collaborations with Off-White and even CDG. This shoe with simply keep you looking stylish, at a low price.

2.Asics Onitsuka Tiger

These sneakers were made super popular by the infamous Bruce Lee. This fashionable low top sneaker was pioneered in the 60’s Olympics. These sneakers include a simple, yet quality aesthetic that can match almost any outfit. These will for sure make you stand out from everybody else.

3.Nike Cortez

These are a classic. The silhouette is irreplaceable. Not only is this sneaker one to be desired, but it has also made a name for itself within the music industry. Kendrick Lamar, one of the most iconic rappers in the game actually made a collaboration with this Nike silhouette. Lucky for you, you can get all of your desired, exclusive sneakers and streetwear from our sponsor, Bump. Bump is essentially an app where you can buy and sell your desired streetwear, hyped sneakers, and even accessories. Some brands you’ll find on the app are Supreme, Bape, Off-White, Nike Exclusives, Adidas Exclusives, etc. It’s one of the best apps to find all of your exclusive gear. The app is 100% free, and not only can you make money on it, but you splurge a little on yourself. Go check it out.

4.Reebok 85’s

These Reeboks launched initially in the 80’s to target a specific tennis style dress code. But, now that we are in 2018, many people have reutilized them in their wardrobes to create a retro, stylish look. This is definitely one silhouette that will match with almost any outfit you have in your closet, and it will also make you look suave and put together.

5.Tretorn Classics

This is probably a brand you haven’t heard of, but they make quality sneakers with amazing, simple silhouettes that are a must have forever closet. The design of these sneakers hasn’t changed since the 70’s, which truly shows their timeless attributes. They have an amazing look to them, and are also a blast from the past you will constantly be turning heads with.

6.Nike Air Force One

This is definitely the most iconic shoe ever created. Almost every guy has probably owned a pair of these at one point in their life. They have held their respect through the many years that this model has been around and don’t seem to be going anywhere. In addition to this, they are cheap enough to where you can actually get a few pairs of them at one time, rotating them so they stay looking fresh. This is the best-selling athletic shoe in history, so you might as well get a pair and utilize them within your outfits.

7.Nike Air Max One

When Nike dropped these in 1987, it truly changed the comfort level of sneakers forever. It was the first shoe that was introduced with a visible air bubble, making it an iconic, yet lasting model. This clunky, yet super stylish model with keep its ego as one of the best retro styled sneakers in the history of footwear.