What’s In My Backpack? – 10 EDC Items Every Guy Should Have

Posted on Aug 13,2018 in Lifestyle

It’s back to school season so what you carry in your backpack is very important and since I haven’t made one of these EDC articles in a while. That’s why today I’m going to be showing you guys 10 essentials items I carry in my backpack. I graduated college two years ago so even if you a business professional, this still applies to you. Let’s Begin!


When it comes to the bag itself. Then you need to pick something stylish and versatile. This one from Carl Friedrik works perfect. I pretty much carry this around wherever I go and pretty much is always a part of my outfit. I do enjoy the fact that it’s minimal and light-weight. The bigger the backpack, the more you’ll be inclined to fill it with clutter. On the other hand, when you keep it smaller, your more likely going to carry your essentials. As for quality, there’s no other backpack like this on the market. It’s something different.  You won’t find a leather like this anywhere else. Speaking from expirience, they just get better with age. That’s the type of product you want if you’re going to be using it every single day.


For those emergency situations when you have to wipe something off and also great for those hot summer days and need to wipe off some sweat. You might not think you need these but trust me, when it happens, you’ll thank me.

3.Tide “To Go” Pen

This comes with me wherever I go. Imagine your on a date and stain yourself, that’s embarrassing, well not for me. Becuase when you carry this around, you’ll feel safe wherever you go.

4.Small Bottle Of Cologne

Do I even have to explain myself. Women always want a man who smells good. I want women to love me so I always carry some fragrance with me. Duh! But seriously, always carry a small bottle with you in those times where you need to smell good.

 5.Apple AirPods

Whether I’m in the gym or working, I’m always listening to music and these come with me wherever I go. I’m even allowed to take calls hands-free so these AirPods are a must.

Before I continue, I have to tell you guys about something I use everyday online but not apart of my EDC.  When it comes to online shopping, the only way I buy something is through ShopTagr. It puts all of my favorite online items in one page so later on I can pick and choose what I want or if I want to wait till the price lowers, which is one of the options. Download it today by clicking HERE.


This goes without say, however what makes mine different is by it’s case. This leather case from Carl Friedrik makes my phone aesthetic yet functional. The leather provides great protection while look amazing at the same time. It also have a slot in the back for a credit card, something I use every day..


This is also super important when it comes to first impressions. Whether your on a date or in a meeting with a client. If you pull out a super bulky disgusting wallet, they’re probably going to think that you’re a slob. On the other hand, if you pull out this sleek leather card holder, you’ll give off a more professional persona, of course this wallet is from Carl Friedrik.


This is probably the most important item on this list. I have everything from my personal to business life on this thing and I can’t leave the house without it…literally. To protect it, I also use a Carl Friedrik laptop sleeve and it does a great job protecting it while also giving it that sleek design. By the way, if you see anything you like on this like from Carl Friedrik then when you checkout use code “TMF10” for 10% off!


If you wanna look kissable, do yourself a favor and carry chapstick.

10.Portable Charger

I just hate looking for a outlet whenever I run out of battery, this is a lifesaver every single time.


 One of my biggest fears is kissing a girl and having disgusting breath. Don’t let be a fear anymore and carry some mints.

12.Water Bottle

You wanna know how to get beautiful skin? Drink a crap-ton of water. I fill up my water bottle up to 10 times a day, stay hydrated my friends.

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