Why Dressing Sharp Is Better Than Streetwear

Posted on Jul 04,2018 in Style

Over the years, you may have noticed that my style has been leaning towards the more casual side. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but I also never lost my “dapper” side. So, today I wanted to talk about why dressing sharp is better, and why you should give it a try.

 1.It Commands Respect

The second you throw on a suit, people will take you more seriously than the guy who’s wearing ripped jeans. Whenever you meet a new person, they’re constantly making opinions about you within seconds. What you wear is super important, and wearing a smart outfit will ensure that they instantly respect you.

2. It’s Cheaper

It’s not flashy, over the top or in your face, but it does make me look good and stylish. As opposed to streetwear, where it’s all about gaining attention and spending the most for an outfit. Here’s why that’s a good thing, every 2-3 years you look back at streetwear and ask yourself “Damn, what was I thinking?”. This is why fashion fades and trends come and go.However, timeless and smart style lasts forever, in addition, it also saves you money.



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3.Gives You Status

Clothing is a communication tool that we all use, without even saying a word. When you’re wearing clothes just for comfort and “flashi-ness”, that’s what you project. On the other hand, if you want to impress women, you need to portray a high status position.

4.Women Like It More

It’s always good to have a combination of both styles, but in general, women like smart casual style more, at least in my expirience. I even did a survey with a bunch of women on which one they liked better between smart casual, streetwear and super dressy. As a result, smart casual won, and that’s enough to prove that you need a good balance of both.

5. It Just Feels Good

Just that feeling of putting on that suit, feels so good. Something that can’t be replicated. It almost feels like a coat of armor. You know what I’m talking about, those times you went to prom, a wedding or anytime when you require a suit. You just feel like a million bucks, that’s something no hype-beast outfit gives you.