WORST Mistakes You Make When Dealing With Hair Loss

Posted on Feb 04,2019 in Grooming

The whole goal of my channel is to help guys gain confidence. I want all of my subscribers to feel comfortable with themselves and in their bodies. As life runs its course, there are some different events that take place within the male body that might make it hard to stay confident. Yep, I am talking about hair loss. This is one thing that happens in a lot of men, and it’s just one of those things you have to look passed. Today I am going to discuss with you the worst mistakes you make when dealing with hair loss, so you can make this process a little less stressful.

1.Letting Your Hair Grow Out

Most guys who suffer from hair loss think they should grow their hair out long to disguise the balding. Well, they are wrong. When your hair grows out long, it tends to fall to the sides of your head, which will then reveal your balding. What you should do is get low haircuts, because it gives the illusion that you have more hair than you actually do. You’ll be able to pull this look off and remain confident as ever! For those of you wi have seen early stages of hair loss, you should start using Bosley.

Bosley is the leading agency when it comes to fighting against hair loss. They have many different methods of getting your hair back, but they also have a new hair transplant method that is out of this world. Check out Bosley and see what they can do for you! They also have a $250 gift certificate for free on their website while supplies last!

2.Packing On Too Much Hair Product

When you apply to much product to your hair, it doesn’t give you that full effect that you are wanting. In fact, it will just damage your hair. In addition to this, the hair products will clump up your hair and reveal all of the premature balding on your head. This will make you struggle with your confidence and it just won’t look good on you. So, keep the hair products to a minimum.

3.Not Taking Vitamins

Regardless if you are balding or not, you should be taking vitamins on the daily. If you are suffering from hair loss, you should really be taking vitamins. Vitamins are what makes your hair strong and resistant. For most of us guys, we don’t tend to get a balanced diet all the time, this is why vitamins are so important. Research exactly which vitamins would work for the situation you are in. But, if you are seeing signs of hair loss I recommend Vitamin B and even Biotin. Take those vitamins boys!

4.Incorrectly Using A Hair Dryer

When you put a blow-dryer too close to your hair, it can actually cause damage to it. The heat will actually destroy your hair and possibly even your hair follicles. So, whenever you go to dry your hair keep the hair dryer at least 8 inches away from your head. This will ensure no damage is being done to your hair.

5.Stop Over Brushing

Another thing that a lot of guys do that they don’t think is harmful is over brushing their hair. The action of brushing your hair isn’t a bad thing to do, but many guys are really rough with it. They will actually pull out some of the hair they have, and if you are someone with only a little bit of hair, this can be really bad. So, when you go to brush your hair, do it lightly and without any aggression. Also, make sure not to over brush your hair, keep it minimal.

6.Not Doing Anything

Guys, if you ever see initial signs of hair loss DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! So many young guys will see that they are losing hair, but brush it off because they don’t know how to stop it. Well, we are in 2019 now and there are many ways to save the hair that you have and to even grow more hair. As I mentioned previously, Bosley will work miracles on getting your hair back! The moral of the story is, if you see hair loss, take action against it.


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