You’re 90% MORE Attractive Than You Think You Are

Posted on Feb 13,2019 in Lifestyle

There is a lot more to life than being really good looking. But, we can’t ignore the fact that good looking people just have it better in life. They get more jobs, more opportunities, more women, and pretty much more everything. However, good people know they’re attractive, which is why they get all of those things that we don’t get. What if I told you, you could get all of those opportunities that really good-looking people get? And what if I told you that you’re 90% more attractive than you think you are? Here are 6 reasons why!

1.You Are Judging Your Ugliness Because Of Social Media

You guys have to realize, most handsome guys on social media, really aren’t that good looking. There are so many forms of Photoshop that actually make someone look as good as they do. Any model you see is probably using this tool. It makes them look super sexy, so they use it. In other words, it’s a fake picture. You should never judge yourself off of a picture.

2.You Are Told That You Are Smart

If you realize you are smart, or someone tells you that you’re smart, you are instantly more attractive. When you are smart on the inside, that reflects on the outside. This simply means, the confidence you have in your smarts, will translate into you knowing how sexy you really are. Own your looks and be confident with yourself.

3.You Aren’t Complimented On Your Looks

This can actually be a good thing. If you aren’t complimented on your looks, odds re people are too nervous to tell you because you are super attractive. Another reason may be that people are just jealous that you are so good looking. Look at the positives and don’t overthink this too much. You are a stud!

4.You’re Relationships End Up In Disaster

A study shows us that most relationships where the girl is more attractive than the guy tends to end in the best outcome. So, if your past relationships didn’t end too well, you can assure yourself you were way out of that girl’s league. So, you better start upping your standards, because you have a hottie waiting for you to date her.

5.You Catch People Looking At You

If you ever catch someone looking at you, then looking away super-fast when you notice, you are attractive. People tend to look at things that make them feel good. Women love to check out handsome guys, so if you catch a girl staring at you and looking away multiple times, you might as well go and get her number!

6.You See People Raise Their Eyebrows When They See You

When someone raises their eyebrows, it means they are either shocked or caught off guard. If you ever see someone look at you and naturally raise their eyebrows, it is a tell-tale sign that you are attractive. Raising your eyebrows is a natural action that the brain conducts, it isn’t necessarily forced. So if you see this happen, that girl thinks you are sexy.


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